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Nimble Storage for VMware View VDI


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VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) presents a new set of challenges, tools and solutions to address the successful virtualization of this part of a company’s infrastructure.

Nimble Storage iSCSI arrays provide a complete application-aware data storage solution that includes flash accelerated primary storage, cost-effective capacity, instant application-aware backup, and replication. This allows you to consolidate management of primary, secondary, and off-site disaster recovery storage within a single storage solution.

A Nimble Storage array provides iSCSI target volumes (LUNs) to VMware hosts. Volumes created on Nimble Storage arrays are highly optimized for virtual machines by providing the following benefits:

  • Performance and Capacity Efficiency
  • Integrated Disaster Recovery
  • Stress-Free Operations

Specifically, this 12-page paper describes the benefits for VDI environments with guidance around:

  • Sizing
  • Administrator Capabilities
  • Protection and Recovery
  • Snapshots
  • Replication

The paper concludes with eight concrete steps you can take to get the most out of your VDI investment.

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