Best Practices Guide

Nimble Storage Best Practices for Microsoft SQL Server


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When the Nimble array finds a hot spot in the files, it will optimize them and use the solid state disk for caching high read locations.

Nimble Storage arrays provide I/O optimization and protection features that greatly benefit SQL Server implementations.

This in-depth guide provides a basic understanding of internal I/O processes that SQL Server uses to store data on disk. You can use this fundamental understanding to implement best practices for provisioning a database storage design that will optimize performance and eliminate database backup windows.

Using these best practices can also dramatically reduce recovery time objectives for full databases as well as individual database objects and data after user error and system failures.

Nimble Storage systems provide:

  • Flash-optimized read/write performance
  • Inline compression, zero-copy cloning, and thin provisioning
  • Scale-to-fit sizing with non-disruptive upgrades of capacity and/or compute
  • Instant backups and restores with no-overhead snapshots; no more backup windows!

Find out why Nimble Storage is an ideal storage platform for all your critical applications and the leading provider of hybrid storage systems.

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